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Studio philosophy

Studio Philosophy

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A Song for Life Music Studio

Singing Lessons

Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary

The basic philosophy of this studio is that all people are created to sing.  Similar to individual fingerprints, we each have a unique voice which should be honoured and released.

My expectation isn’t that everyone becomes a performer, but that everyone learns to love to sing and feel free to do so.

If you feel that you are challenged in the area of singing, you are welcome in this studio as readily as the student who brings great talent.  Singing is for everyone and contributes to good health.  There are far too many people who have been told not to sing; to mouth the words while the rest of a choir sings…..such comments have no place in our society.

Learning to use your voice well, whether as a hobby or as a profession, will result in you having “A Song for Life”.

What others are saying...

“My daughter always looks forward to her lessons, and as a music aficionado I could quickly hear the improvements in her voice. After two years as a student my daughter continues to improve, and we hope to stay with Lorna for years to come...” 

“Both children have a love for music that is beyond their years and have really built upon their self esteem by the confidence instilled by Lorna.  As well, Lorna's teachings infuse  high expectations with a deep respect for the musical learning process...”

T. Arnason, Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary