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please call 403-282-4176 or e-mail lorna@asongforlife.ca

“Lorna is extremely dedicated to helping you learn, especially on your breathing. The value in learning how to sing is great, but the value in your breath when singing is extraordinary. It’s by far the most important aspect in singing. She is extremely fun to be around, her laugh is contagious. I like it when she gets her students together and we all chill out and sing. Its lots of fun! I really enjoy voice lessons, because she makes it fun!.“

 -Maggie Olson, N.W. Calgary

“When my oldest daughter was 6, I discovered that she had a natural talent for singing. I started a search for a voice teacher, and happened upon Lorna's ad in our community newsletter. As it

turned out, Lorna lives close by, which was quite convenient, and after meeting with her, we decided to give lessons a try. That was 7 years ago. Since then, Lorna has taken on my younger daughter as a student as well. It has been amazing to see the growth in both of my girl's musical abilities. I love that the kids perform twice a year at studio recitals, and that Lorna offers so many other opportunities to them, such as Kiwanis Festival, Contemporary Festival and RCM exams.

Lorna has been a wonderful music teacher and role model for my children. I feel very fortunate that what originally started out of convenience, has enriched my kids and given them confidence

in other aspects of their lives as well. I am also happy to say that, over the years, Lorna has become a friend and I am so happy to have her in our lives!”

  1. -Kelli Clarke, Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary

"Lorna is a wonderful teacher. She combines excellent musical skills and the ability to draw the best out of each student with a genuine care and concern for the well-being of her students."

- Juanita and Petra Stauffer, Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary

“Lorna make singing fun...she has the ability to take musical terms and techniques and simplify them in a way that can be understood...some of her most endearing phrases are...learn to sing in the centre of the note...focus on your note and make sure the connection is with your core muscles...little bit more yawn stretches...keep the breath flowing out...”

- Dawn Bon-Bernard, Douglasglen, S.E. Calgary

"Both our children have been blessed to have spent the last 3 years with Lorna as their teacher for piano (both) and voice (one).  It's really something incredible to see your children share in the accomplishment of playing and reading music, but to also develop a fondness and passion for music that extends to performing is just spectacular.  Both children have a love for music that is beyond their years and have really built upon their self esteem by the confidence instilled by Lorna.  As well, Lorna's teachings infuse  high expectations with a deep respect for the musical learning process through the RCM program as well as the relationship between teacher and student that we feel has been slipping in traditional education. We are both extremely grateful to have her introducing music into our kids lives."

- Tyla Arnason, Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary

“When my daughter expressed interest in singing we decided to look for someone in the local neighbourhood, and were lucky to find that Lorna lived only a few blocks away. Of course, her proximity is but a small benefit compared to her skill as a teacher. Immediately my daughter and I were taken with a positive vibe. For both of us, our gut instinct told us that Lorna would be a terrific match for our daughter, and we were not disappointed. My daughter always looks forward to her lessons, and as a music aficionado I could quickly hear the improvements in her voice. After two years as a student my daughter continues to improve, and we hope to stay with Lorna for years to come.”

- James S. Fell, syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Random House author, Hidden Valley, N.W. Calgary


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